Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Bruce Willis

As you can see: Bruce Willis.

sculpted after many references from the net (fanpages etc.)

created in Zbrush 3.1.

There is no lowpolymesh. I only made a sculpt of him.


This model is modeled after a concept from Piranha Bytes.


Sculpt and Maps:

Shot fromCryengine 2 (ca: 3400 tris)


This is my second model I finished up to the finished ingame-mesh. Inspired by the "Dungeons and Dragons" concepts.

Used tools: ZBrush, Maya 2008, Max 2009, Photoshop CS3, Cryengine 2 & Polybump Application.

Sculpt & Maps:

Shot from Cryengine 2 (ca. 9000 tris):


This was my first character I finished from the concept (by Kenneth Anderson) up to the ingame mesh with rig and pose.


Sculpt & Normal / Colormap:

Used tools: Maya 2008, Max 2009, ZBrush, PS CS 3, Polybump application (cryengine2)


-> rigging, skinning and posing in Maya 2008
-> rendering: Mental Ray with Physical Sky (3 Channels: ZDepth, Beauty & Occlusion)
-> 4.670 tris

Sargonax Torso- Sculpt

This is the sculpt of the torso of "Sargonax", my so-called Dominance War III Character. I only show the torso because I didn´t finished the whole character and the torso it´s what I wanna show to you ;) ...

Dominance War III Character

This is a concept I made for the online challenge Dominance War III. It´s a deity mutant, half bird, half human. I also modeled it but I didn´t finished it up to the Dominance War III deadline. In a later post I will show the sculpt of the torso.